Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is WRONG with me?

OK, now is NOT the time to be getting sick.
Really it isn't.
But for some reason, I'm doing an awful lot of sleeping today.
I mean, I had a good night last night.  (At least, as good as I ever have.)
And this morning, I kept drifting off while I was reading the newspaper.
I managed to stay awake long enough to make breakfast and take care of a few little chores around here.
Then I sat down to rest because my back was really giving me heck.
Well, rest I did!
I konked right out. Lost it for almost two hours.
Only woke up because I thought I heard the doorbell ring.
It was the delivery of my order from Staples -- paper, income tax program, and a new cordless phone.
I'll try to stay awake now to get the phone installed and, maybe, programmed.
But truth be known, I could just as easily curl up (yeh, right, I don't curl up any more, but you know what I mean) and go right back to sleep.
Sure hope I'm only sleeping because I'm tired and not because I'm coming down with something.
Because really, now is not the time to be getting sick.

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