Monday, May 10, 2010

More Busy Days Ahead

Eventually, life will slow down, right?
Today, I head into Ottawa for physio (yippee!).
But first, I'll meet my sister-in-law for lunch so we can make a switch of those magnificent MedicAlert bracelets she made for me (the first ones are too large so she's made smaller ones and we'll trade).  That's the trouble with inventions -- it sometimes takes a few go-rounds before you get it right!
After physio, I'm going to my little chickadee's for our Mothers' Day visit (I don't "do" crowds and busy establishments very well so we improvise).
We'll go for dinner at a place of my beautiful boy's choosing (he's working on it) and I also have a hair cut appointment this evening (time to get beautiful again!).
My little chickadee wants a fashion show of all the new clothing I've bought in the past while, since I've gotten so thin, so my overnight bag is essentially a large piece of luggage for this trip.
I'll sleep at her place tonight so that I'm in Ottawa for my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.  Really looking forward to that too, because I've only got about seven items to discuss (of the two allowed).  Ever since he's had me on that damned blood pressure med, my leg cramps have gotten totally out of control (a phenomenon he promised wouldn't happen).  I'm not sure what's worse -- elevated blood pressure or this non-stop cramping that sometimes get so bad my toes curl.
And of course, since I'm sleeping over, I get to have breakfast tomorrow morning with my beautiful boy before I take him to day care.  I love that part of my visits.  It's our special time together, and now that he "expects" it as part of my overnighters, it makes it all the more precious to me.
Tomorrow is also the day the computer guy is coming out to install John's new system so I'll have to get straight home after my doctor's appointment.  Last week when I stopped in to pay for the unit and I mentioned that I wouldn't be home when he got there, he looked at me in near panic and asked, "Does John know what he needs?"  I assured him that John knew precisely what was needed, and I would get there, hopefully, right behind him -- and I would leave a road-map for him.  (They can also phone me, if push comes to shove; as long as I'm on my way home, I can talk to them about whatever is required.)
So, bottom line is, don't look for another update to this page before Wednesday because I doubt that I'll have time before then to post anything further.

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