Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I was right

Well, just as I predicted, my physiotherapist would not apply new ahtletes' tape to my thighs.
She said that we have to let my skin heal from this reaction to the adhesive, and we will perhaps have to only use the taping occasionally (and we should pick our opportunities carefully).
Of course, I was whining because nothing has given me so much success as that taping:  each application has allowed me to walk almost normally for up to five days.
BUT, she did have a suggestion of what I can try in the interim.
She explained that since the tape worked as well as it did, in all likelihood I would notice considerable relief from wearing bikers' shorts (the tight lycra/spandex jobbies).
Of course, I could go to a medical supply store and buy actual compression shorts which would definitely do the job but she suggested that bikers' shorts would be more fashionable (and might be a bit cheaper too).
It certainly makes sense that the shorts would give me relief, given the amount of relief I got from two strips of tape.  Obviously, I need the compression on my hips and along my IT band that those shorts will provide.
My sleep last night was highly disturbed, due to pain.  I was aware of how much better I had been sleeping whilst that tape was in place, and it was abundantly clear that the pain was always worse on the few days that I wasn't wearing it.
Last night, the pain was particularly extreme, interrupting my sleep repeatedly in spite of my having taken my sleep aid.
And today, my legs are again feeling like they are not connected to my brain; they just don't want to respond to commands.
So, this afternoon, I will head into the sports' supply shop in Carleton Place to see what I can find in the way of bikers' shorts.
As to my experiment vis-a-vis my blood pressure medication, this is day four of not taking it.
And the leg cramps are considerably reduced; not yet back to their previously annoying level, but certainly less than they were five days ago.
Which would suggest that the medication was in fact worsening the cramps, just as I suspected.
AND thus far, my blood pressure has not risen, remaining at the low readings that I used to get before I went through that withdrawal nightmare.
I'll continue monitoring my blood pressure because it's early days yet, but I hope that this experiment will prove that I don't need to be taking the medication at all.
With all the meds that I do need to take on a daily basis (asthma, epilepsy, pain, etc), I really don't want to be taking one that isn't necessary to my well-being.

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