Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Damn, Damn, Double Damn!

Damn this bloody sensitive skin/body of mine!
My physiotherapist was reluctant to put new athletetic taping on my legs last week because I was starting to show signs of reaction to the adhesive.
The reaction was only ever so slight, so in the end, after much whining from me because I get such wonderful results with the tape, she altered the position just a tad.
Today, I removed the tape because I'm going in for another session.
And this time, it actually hurt to take the stuff off; usually, I barely feel its removal.
Well, I know absolutely that she will not be talked into putting another set of tapes on me today because I have welts all along my leg where the tape used to be.
Again, the marks aren't serious but they are enough to give pause.
With each application, the reaction will get worse and, as she explained, eventually blisters will form and she is not going there.
So I know that no amount of whining from me will convince her to continue with this treatment.
She might be agreeable to using it on alternate visits, provided my skin clears up between trips (but the evidence of reaction she saw last week is still clearly visible today ... ).  Alternatively, we may have to reserve taping for specific purpose use (ie if I have a particularly taxing week ahead of me, or if I'm planning to travel).
We were both so pleased that the tape was working AND that I wasn't reacting to the adhesive.  I wonder what trick she'll come up with now?

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