Saturday, May 8, 2010

Duhh, sometimes I can be so stupid!!!

I just now realized what the hell's wrong with me today!
And thank the good Lord I realized it before I headed into the tub again.
Yesterday morning, I took a long, jet-massage bath -- something that is usually very therapeutic for me.
But duhhhhhhhhh!
My massage therapist has already told me that I cannot have massages for the month of May because of that steroid shot I took on April 14th.
The way I'm feeling today is exactly the way I felt after the sessions with her!
I've put myself right back into another fibro flare-up by taking that bath yesterday morning -- something that I thought would be therapeutic at the time because I had wakened feeling so stiff and sore.
Double Duhhhhhhhh!
Obviously, if I can't go to my massage therapy for another month, I also can't take a massage bath for another month.
When, oh when, will I learn to put two and two together?

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