Friday, April 13, 2012

Wanna see how ugly it is?

I'm warning you.
It's really ugly.
Today is the day I had to remove the compression dressing, clean up the wound and re-dress it.
But before I covered it again, I had John take photos (one must have photos of these events!).
This is my nose, 48 hours post Mohs surgery.
It's still very swollen, and yes, it's sore.
As you can see, there are a lot of stitches to be removed too.
They're supposed to come out next week.
Problem is, I was told to make an appointment with my family physician to have that done.
I've tried, really I have.
Left a message yesterday morning.
Left a message again this morning.
Both messages indicated that I need to see the doctor next week to have stitches removed following surgery.
Haven't had a call back yet.
So I will show up on his doorstep next week, on a day that suits my schedule to be in the city, and simply make them fit me in.
If they don't want to return calls and work with the system, they will simply have to accept that some patients have to make the system work for them.
And I will let the doctor know about my attempts to make the appointment.  He needs to know that his office is not functioning to his best interests.

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