Thursday, April 5, 2012

Today is massage day

Today being Thursday, my massage therapist will arrive at my doorstep at 1:00pm to work out the kinks in my poor body.
I really do love this day of the week.
My mornings are spent in leisure, taking care of only the most basic of household chores.
Then as close to noon as I can get it, I jump in the shower to ready myself for my massage.
But today is an especially SPECIAL Thursday.
It is opening day of the 2012 baseball season.
That's right.  My boys will take to the field at 3:05pm today against Cleveland -- so I'll be nice and mellow after my massage to just sit and enjoy the game.
It's not my boys' home opener though.  Today they are the visitors against the Indians.  Their home opener doesn't happen until Monday, April 9th.
For a variety of reasons, we aren't going to Toronto for the opening series this year.
But you can be sure we'll be there in spirit, sitting in front of our large screen high definition television to take in the action.
Have I mentioned how much I love baseball????

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