Friday, April 20, 2012

So, my hip is fixed ...

But it seems my SI joint is broked.
Woe is me.
Prior to having my hip replaced, I was having a lot of pain in the SI joint.  I was assured that the pain was being caused by the bad hip.  Once the hip was fixed, that pain would subside.
Following surgery, the SI pain got much worse.  It became more than uncomfortable.  
The physiotherapist assured me that as I recovered from the surgery, and my muscles got stronger, the SI problem would lessen.  But she did say that the SI joint takes the longest to recover following hip replacement surgery.
Well, as I've gotten much better, it's gotten much worse.  It has become nigh on impossible to sit, sending excruciating pain down my hamstring.
I'm thinking that when the surgeon fixed my hip, he broke my SI joint.
For the past couple of weeks, the physiotherapist has been taping the joints and that has given me significant relief.  But this latest taping (on Wednesday morning) only worked for about two hours.  Then the agony started anew.
My massage therapist removed the tape and worked the area fairly aggressively.  It did wonders.  But again, the relief only lasted for about two hours.  Then the throbbing was back again.
Last night, before I went to bed, I wore the TENs unit for about two hours.  Gosh it helps tremendously.  But only while it is on.  As soon as I remove it, ouchie wawa!
Then I used the Acupen on it, hoping it would give me some relief.  It must have worked because I was able to go to sleep.
But about two hours into my sleep, I woke.
In pain.
I grabbed my iPad and started researching SI joint troubles.
Found out that my case is classic.  Especially for someone with osteoarthritis in the hips.
Okay then.
What to do about it?
The experts say to:  apply ice; wear a support or brace; use interferential current therapy (ie TENs, and wow it does work!); try acupuncture; and see a chiropractor.
Well, ice I can do right now.  So, I got out the ice pack and applied it for 20 minutes.  And went back to sleep.
When I got up this morning, I again iced it. Icing seems to be helping to bring down the inflammation so I will continue doing that throughout the weekend.
I'm also wearing a brace, which is actually doing very little to help relieve the pain.
It seems that only the TENs unit truly provides any immediate relief, but man it sucks up the battery juice!
On Monday, I will be seeing the physiotherapist again (my final visit for the hip rehabilitation) and will discuss with her what she thinks of my seeing a chiropractor about this issue.
My massage therapist suggested that perhaps ultrasound might help.  I'll discuss that with the physiotherapist as well.
I'll be resuming acupuncture treatments when I start seeing my regular physiotherapist again on May 1st and that can't come soon enough.  Of course, I'll also discuss with her the idea of my using a chiropractor.  I've never been big on that mode of treatment but if it will solve this problem, I'm willing to try it.
But, at least my hip is fixed!

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