Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have more faith?

Yesterday, I was told I need to have more faith.
John and I made the trip to Colborne to attend my cousin's funeral service. These events are never joyous ones, but they are always opportunities to visit with relatives and old friends that one doesn't often get to see.
In this case, I was catching up with my cousin's maternal relatives.  People I knew well since our families were good friends when I was growing up.
Natually, I was using my cane because I was "away from home" and the occasion involved significant amounts of standing.  Notwithstanding the emotional impact of the visit, because of the travel involved, my fatigue level was high.
As I sat down at the reception following the service, I commented about the cane being such a nuisance and was opining that I needed one of those fold-up versions.
"No, do you know what you need?" asked one of my aunt's sisters.  "You need to have more faith in your new hip!"
I assured her that my using the cane had nothing to do with lack of faith in my hip.  It had everything to do with ensuring my safety while away from home.  The risk of falling is great as fatigue increases.  I was still healing and my muscles weren't yet ready to cope with the demands of the trip.
But I was really thinking, "How dare you.  More faith?  Indeed -- quite the opposite is true at this point in the recovery process."
And somehow I managed to resist the urge to strangle her!

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