Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This and That

Today marks two weeks since the Mohs surgery on my nose.  I can finally go without a dressing on it and wow! it feels so much better to leave it off.
And I must say, the healing is coming along quite nicely.
Before too much longer, surely one won't even be able to tell that I had surgery.
Monday was twelve weeks since my hip replacement surgery.
That wound, too, is healing very well.
Obviously, there will always be a scar -- although the redness will fade with time.  At least, that's the case with my other surgical scars.  They are barely noticeable now -- thirty, forty and fifty years after the fact!
I had a horrible night last night.  The taping that my physiotherapist had applied on Monday gave me relief until about dinner time last night.
And then it was game over.
I couldn't sit, stand, lie down, or walk without excruciating pain.
I iced it.
I used the Acupen.
At midnight, I took a potent painkiller.
Finally, at about 2:00am, I removed the tape since it obviously wasn't providing any relief, and I put the TENs machine on.
Two hours later, the battery was dead and I had no other charged one at my ready disposal.  But it had at least done its job enough to allow me to get to sleep.
When I woke at close to 6:30am, I had no pain.
Until I stood up and started walking.
As soon as the SI joint was compressed -- BOOM!  That was it.
I literally limped into the physio clinic, where the therapist again gave me an ultrasound treatment and reapplied tape.  But this time, she also put tape down my IT band to try to eliminate the pain down my leg.
I walked out of there a new person.
Hopefully, the benefit will hold until at least tomorrow when my massage therapist comes to do her magic.
Then I will just have to limp along until Tuesday of next week when my regular physiotherapist takes over my care.  I will have in hand a report from this therapist so she will know what we've been doing and she can continue the treatments until we've got it under control.
I will also have a report from this therapist to give to the surgeon.  It will reference the SI joint problem that has developed as a result of the hip replacement surgery.  (He fixed my hip and broke my SI joint!)

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