Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We're not really big on Easter around here.  Well, other than I HAVE to watch the film Jesus Christ Superstar at least once over the holiday week-end.  I used to subject my little chickadee to watching it with me when she was a very wee chick (she actually knows the words to all the music).  Now, I make sure John is out of the house when I watch it (I wouldn't dream of making him listen to it).  I actually have the DVD playing now as I write this.  I absolutely love the music!  I also have the CD and can listen to it in the car any time I want to.
Anyway, that's the extent of how we mark Easter in this household.
No Easter bunny.
No church.
Just me enjoying the music of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.  (Try not to get worried, try not to turn onto problems that upset you.  Don't you know everything's all right, yes.  Everything's all right.)
Yesterday, we had a birthday party for John.  It was actually his birthday on Friday but we invited family and a few of his closest friends to help him celebrate yesterday.  I had tried to convince him to have a big bash like we had for my 60th.  We could rent the space at JRs Restaurant and invite a lot more people to help honour his 80th -- but he wouldn't hear of it.  It was quite a challenge getting him to agree to what little function we did have (although in our small home the crowd was plenty big enough!).
We ordered in pizza, had lots of beer, made plenty of Caesar salad, and bought the best damned birthday cake ever from Baker Bob. All in all, it was a relatively easy party to throw. 

This is what John posted on Facebook this morning:
"Had the bestest birthday party ever yesterday.  All the family, all my best friends.  Many great gifts, including two bottles of very special wine and three bottles of Irish and Single Malt whiskey.  Girl Guide cookies too!  Bird feeders, beer bread, pound cake, coupla great books.  Lottsa beer, pizza, birthday cake.  Thank you very much for organizing it all Bonnie, it was great."
I guess he had a good time and is glad that he finally agreed to share his special day.
John is trying to convince My Striking Young Man to help him blow out the candle.

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