Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So glad that's over

Yesterday was a difficult day indeed.
While John only had to endure two rounds under the knife for his second Mohs surgery, the finished wound is much larger than his first one.
And he is in oh so much more pain.
He figures that it was done too soon after the other, that perhaps they should have waited.  Normally there is at least a month between surgeries but the doctor felt that because each was on opposite sides of his face, it would be OK to go ahead after only two weeks.
John is glad to have it over with, but he thinks that the first side perhaps should have been further along in the healing process before the second side was attacked.
He's probably right, but it's too late now.  The deed has been done and he has to suffer through it.
I reminded him that originally, he wanted the doctor to do both sides on the same day.  Imagine the agony THAT would have been?
Hopefully, the pain will let up before too much longer and he can put all this behind him.
Until the next time, which we understand will be some time after Christmas.  In any event, if the call should come with an appointment before Christmas, we'll refuse the booking.  His next one is in the corner of his left eye so there is no way that can be tackled until this latest injury is fully healed.
And just to add insult to injury, after sitting all day at that clinic, we arrived home to a message from my eye doctor.
I should go in at 12:15pm today to sort out the fiasco of my new computer glasses (they don't work as they should).  If I don't take the appointment, I have to wait two weeks.
So my hips -- which were in burning agony last night -- will not have the stay-at-home-and-rest day that I thought I would have today.  Instead, I have to endure the 70-minute round trip to sort out a mess that shouldn't have happened.
Just what the doctor ordered when I couldn't have my weekly physio session yesterday!
Good thing my massage therapist is coming tomorrow.

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