Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wow, big time success!

Well, it certainly is working now!
This weight loss effort, I mean.
After making no progress for months, the weight is coming off me like melting butter now.
Probably too fast, in fact!
I was down a pound on Saturday.
Another pound on Sunday.
And another two pounds this morning!
That's a total of four pounds since my friend had me make that one little tiny change to my diet:  increase my caloric intake each day!
That's right.  Eat more every day.
That's the only change I've made to my daily routine.
I make very sure that I take in as close to, without going under, 1200 calories each and every day.  (Some days, that means having a glass of wine to bring my intake to the required level.)
And it's obviously working.  Because the scale is moving nicely in the right direction now.
Of course, it might be helping at the moment that I'm sick -- terrible head/chest cold that has me sweating/freezing all day long.  There's a red hot poker in my throat.  My eyes are watering like mad and my nose has become a leaky faucet.
Last night was the worst so far.
This nonsense all started on Saturday with a sore throat.  And it got worse from there.
I'm hoping I've turned the corner now and will start climbing out of the pit I've been in for the past couple of days.
I mean, really, how much longer can it go on?  I've already emptied three of the five kleenex boxes in the house and I'm running out of replacements.
I haven't been able to use the CPAP machine for the past three nights because of the severe congestion.
But I'm still managing to eat my 1200 calories a day.
And I continue to get in my 45 minutes of stationary bike each day.
Nothing, I repeat nothing, is going to interfere with my resolve to lose this weight!

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