Friday, November 18, 2011

The joys of getting old ...

I saw my eye doctor the other day.
Finally, I'm getting yet another pair of glasses (but they are a beaut!).
It will be nice to be able to see properly again, even if it might only be for a short while (based on past experience).  We'll see how long this new prescription remains valid.
I also had to order a new pair of computer glasses.  The pair I just bought in January of this year were no longer any good.  They were fine for computer work but I could no longer see to do paperwork.  That made doing bookkeeping a proper pain in the neck, what with having to take my glasses off every time I tried to read a receipt.
Right now, I am straining my neck trying to see the computer screen because my progressive lenses just don't work in front of the computer.  Hopefully, I'll have my new computer glasses by Monday.
This latest appointment also brought about a not-so-great new discovery.
The doctor found "mottling" of my eye pigment, which she explained is a not uncommon occurrence with age.  But it's the precurser to macular degeneration.  (That is why I've been noticing, of late, that I need even more light than I ever used to require.)  She will be watching me even more carefully now.
My cataracts are progressing ever so slowly so we still aren't too concerned about them yet.
And she is now prepared to refer me to a surgeon to have my droopy eyelids repaired -- she says they are at a point that repair is indicated.  Since that is a surgical procedure, I opted to wait.  I have enough surgeries hanging over me at the moment.  Other than when I'm very tired, they don't cause any problem, so my droopy lids will just have to be patient.  We will revisit the issue next year.
She wants me to continue seeing her every four months so she can monitor me closely (cataracts and now macular degeneration).
Family doctor ... dermatologist ... eye doctor ... ENT specialist ... audiologist ... neurologist ... respirologist ... sleep specialist ... dentist ... physiotherapist ... massage therapist ... Have I missed anybody?
No wonder I feel like my life is spent moving from one health care provider to the next!

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Heather and Kathy said...

I have macular degeneration. I am only 43. I hope your eyes will be better with the new glasses.