Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Out of the pit ...

... and back to wellness.
Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel.
I was able to sleep last night using the CPAP machine, the first time since last Friday.
My congestion isn't totally gone but it is at least now at a tolerable level.
My voice is almost back to normal.
The sneezing has stopped.
My eyes are no longer swimming.
And the leaky faucet that was in the centre of my face has been replaced with my nose again, albeit a very sore one.  It is raw from all the wiping that has taken place over the past four days but at least it isn't dripping any longer.
It's always been a mystery to me how I catch these things.  But catch them I do.
My little chickadee used to say, "Someone sneezes in Montreal and my Mom gets sick."
And frankly, she wasn't far wrong.  At least it seemed to be that remote a connection.
I swear that I could pick something up by simply walking past an infected person in a store.
Obviously, my day in the big city a week ago Tuesday (November 1st) exposed me to somebody, somewhere in my travels.  I mean, I covered a lot of territory that day and was amongst several different sized collections of people:  the lab for my mammogram; my doctor's office for my flu shot; my physiotherapist's office; my ENT's office for my hearing aid check-up; the fast food restaurant).
Any one of those stops could have presented the culprit.
It takes five days to incubate a virus.  Tuesday having been day one, Saturday (the day I became sick) was day five.
Bingo ... we know when I came in contact with it.  We just don't know where because I was in too many places on the same day.
So, thank you Tuesday.
It's been a delight ... NOT!

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