Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moving into Christmas mode

I know, I know, it seems rather early doesn't it?
But before we know it, it will be Christmas.
And there's lots needs to be done before then.
Christmas 2010 in my Sanctuary - "Ready for Santa"
Used to be -- I'm going back lots of years now -- but there was a time that I would finish my Christmas shopping on Remembrance Day (that was yesterday folks!).
You see, since the children had to go to school but we adults didn't have to go to work on that day, my sister and I would meet for coffee in the morning (lots of it) and then head out to the malls for the afternoon. We would become whirling dirvish shoppers for four hours as we crossed off items from our Christmas list.
Then for the rest of the "season" the crazies could mob to the stores without us (I really can't handle those crowds).  Suited me just fine because the further from the stores I am at Christmas time, the better I like it.
While I haven't actually finished my shopping by November 11th for many years now, I am usually done by mid-to-late November.
Won't be this year though.
I don't even know what we're buying our list of giftees yet.  Have barely even started putting the list together.
BUT, we do have the photo for our Christmas card chosen -- and the card is ready to print too.  Now that's a bonus because usually that's something I'm scrambling to do at the very last moment.  (Last year, it was December 4th, I believe, when I printed the cards!)
What with all the medical appointments happening around this place between now and Christmas, I'll have to be quite creative in fitting all the demands of the season into our schedule, always remembering to pace myself lest I end up in a fibro flare up by the time the big day comes.

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