Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In Tamarra's Honour

Today marks one year since my grand-niece lost her battle with brain cancer.
She was only 18 years old.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Tamarra, but I followed her on FaceBook and she was certainly loved and admired by her family and friends.
Tamarra was my brother John's granddaughter (he lost his battle with cancer not quite three months earlier).
My heart goes out to Tanya, Tamarra's mother, who in the previous two and half years had been asked to cope with more pain than any one person should have to endure in such a short period of time.  Her grandmother (my mother) passed in January 2008; a month later, her mother died suddenly in February, 2008; her father (my brother) succumbed to lung cancer on 27 August 2010, and then her only daughter was taken from her.
Such events bring one burning question to my mind:  What more could the good Lord ask of one person?
A mother shouldn't have to bury her child.
Cancer shouldn't take anyone, much less a child.
In the short year since Tamarra's departure, her mother has honoured her passing by establishing the Tamarra Cherryholme Foundation, a NEW not-for-profit registered charity that financially supports families for children/young adults living with cancer to receive holistic oncology treatments.  For information about the Foundation and to find out how to make donations to help support this very worthwhile charity, visit
Rest in peace, Tanya's angel.
Tamarra Cherryholme
6 Jan 1992 - 23 Nov 2010

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crowingcrone said...

some amazing souls are able to bring forth beauty from ashes. thank you for the link. I will be supporting.