Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Serendipitous, indeed

Yesterday afternoon, our handy dandy fix-it man dropped by for a visit.  He wanted to assess the damage done in the woods as a result of that storm we had a while back (you know, the one that left us without power for 30 hours).
Anyway, he insisted that I go along for the trek.
He couldn't believe that I was able to do it without pain (in my left hip).  I couldn't believe I was able to do it at all!
I also couldn't believe the amount of devastation back there.  Trees -- huge ones -- are downed all the way through.  It will be days of work getting that mess cleaned up.  Fortunately, he knows just the man for the job and will arrange to send him in.
One thing's for sure though -- we won't lack for firewood for the next couple of winters!
And another thing I found out?
While there was no pain in my left hip for having made that trek, my right hip sure did object to it.
As did my knees.
Of course, my right hip had been giving me fits all day yesterday, presumably because I had slept on that side most of the previous night.
What is serendipitous about this event, you might ask?
Well, I'll be seeing my surgeon tomorrow morning.  Because I made that trek yesterday, I have concrete evidence to report of the progress in my left hip, and the decline in my right hip.  I'll also discuss the state of my knees -- they're becoming increasingly problematic.  As I understand it, if I don't do something to resolve the issue in my knees, my right hip will only worsen.
Best be getting on that wait list to have my right hip fixed sooner rather than later.

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