Thursday, August 23, 2012

I hate computers!

I do.  Really I do.
We've been in the process of changing hosting services (my husband, God bless him, decided he didn't like our current provider and wanted to return to our original provider).
Since I have to play the role of "administrator" with whomever we are using, I switch my services so that we keep everything with one provider.  It's just easier!
Our current service expires tomorrow.
So on Monday I called the new guys (actually the "original" guys) and put into play the process of transferring everything (three domain names for John; three domain names for me; two hosting services for John; one for me).
Yesterday morning, the hosting services were transferred and ready to go, says the e-mail.  Just wait ten minutes from receipt of the e-mail and you're good to go.
Sure.  Easily a  good hour and half later, I'm ready to upload to their server.
None of the three worked.
Grrrrr, I hate computers.
Yesterday afternoon, the e-mail informed me they had reset everything and all should work fine.
This morning, I'm still trying.
When I told them nothing worked yet, they thought it would be a good idea to send me THE NEW PASSWORDS that they had assigned when they reset everything yesterday.
Voila.  Everything works just tickety-boo now.  Imagine that.
Have I mentioned that I hate computers!

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