Friday, August 17, 2012

Now for the knees

The time has come to address the issue of my knee pain.
When I saw my orthopaedic surgeon last week, he assessed my knee x-rays and explained why I have the discomfort I have.  But the arthritis is early-stage and surgery would not be recommended at this point.
Good thing because I wouldn't even consider surgery now.  I have discomfort, not excruciating pain.
My concern is that because of the difficulty that I am having with my knees, it is affecting my gait.  That in turn is affecting my hip which will hasten the need for replacement of my right hip.
Truth be known, I'd prefer to delay any further surgery for as long as I can.
So, what can we do to alleviate the pain in my knees which right now causes great difficulty going down stairs (or any downward incline when walking).  They also ache terribly after about a half hour in the car.
Cortisone shots are one option but I really don't want to go that route.
When I asked about pursuing Synvisc injections, he told me that I was a perfect candidate for that treatment because my arthritis is at exactly the stage where good results are usually had.
He wrote the prescription, I found a doctor here in town who can administer the shots and today was the day.
OMG it hurt!
Now I have to stay off my feet for 48 hours, no weight-bearing anything (which means I can't do my stationary bike for the next two days).
And next Friday, and the Friday after that, I do it all again.  (And yes, she told me it would hurt just as much each of the next two times!)
Why oh why does it have to cost me so much to be tortured so????
This had better work!

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