Sunday, August 5, 2012

My "Pre" Birthday Party

Yesterday, we had my "pre" birthday party.  That's what I call it when the celebration is held prior to the actual day.
It was kept small -- a select few friends and of course my little chickadee, my striking young man, and Pauple.
I prefer that my birthday be celebrated on the actual day (and that will still happen, with my Angel and her husband and son) but my actual day falls on a Thursday this year.  Unfortunately, some people in my life still have to report to jobs during the week so in the interest of having certain important people attend, I acceded to holding a party on the Saturday afternoon before my real day.
And I'm glad I did. 
 My striking young man was trying to figure out just how much tax this must be.*
But really, did it have to be the hottest day of the year?  I don't know how high the temperature soared yesterday, but it was unbelievably hot in our home.  We don't have air conditioning, relying on ceiling and floor fans to cool us when need be.  I can assure you, they don't do the trick in this sweltering heat that we've been experiencing this summer!  Add eleven people to the room and, well -- you get the picture.
In spite of the heat, it was a wonderful afternoon spent with fabulous people.  They enjoyed the burgers and salads, (and the cake was out of this world!) and everyone was headed home by 7:00pm.
Today of course, I'm paying the price for having had such a wonderful time yesterday.
The Mack trucks were back last night, in fine form I might add.
Fortunately, one of the gifts I received (thank you, my little chickadee) was Jeffrey Archer's novel "Sins of the Father."   So I can lose myself in that while I recover over the next couple of days.  (I started reading it last night and so wanted to stay with it, but I kept nodding off!)
I should be back in form by Thursday, when my Angel, her husband and son will join us for a more intimate, quiet celebration of my birthday.
(* The rate in 2012 is 113.79% -- there are many applicable taxes!)

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