Monday, August 27, 2012

My "wash & wear" hair

This no hair business is really turning into a positive thing for me.
Showers take no time at all now.  And since I don't have to shampoo, condition, blow dry and curl my hair, I'm not holding my arms up over my head for extended periods.  Hence, reduced shoulder pain.  And that's huge!
I'm noticing that the hair is growing (I am blessed with super-growth hair).  It's already starting to stick up and out.  But it isn't long enough yet to be combed down.  And it certainly isn't long enough to be styled!
Not sure what I'll do for that in-between stage but I guess I'd best figure something out because I'm almost there.
Hats will cover the problem when I go out -- 'cept I hate wearing hats and I'm having tremendous difficulty finding something I like.
Of course, as it grows out, should I find a wash and wear style that I really like, it will be a challenge to keep it.
There has always been a downside to my trying to have wash and wear hair -- it is only truly at that stage for about ten days tops.  Then it grows!

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