Sunday, August 26, 2012

Had My Second Synvisc Injection

On Friday, I had my second Synvisc injection.
And OMG, it hurt just as much as the first.
The doctor was going to do the right knee first and I asked her to do the left one first.  Last week, it hurt but not quite as much as the right one.
Sure enough, it hurt -- and it seemed to take forever.
Then she did the right knee -- which hurt ever so much more -- but it went much more quickly.
Both she and I commented simultaneously that it was much quicker on the right knee than the left.  I was puzzled.
She said that she had thought she had noticed the same phenomenon the first time (which I had also noticed).  The only explanation she could give was that my left knee must have a lot of scar tissue.  As to the more severe pain in the right knee, that is a direct result of its arthritis being more advanced.
She sent me on my way, advising me to again take it easy for the rest of the day (like I had a choice!).
The rest of the day was a goner.  The pain was intense so I took a codeine contin and vegged out.  But still the discomfort was evident.
Yesterday, I again took it easy although the pain was all but gone (unless I stood too long or tried to use my knee muscles).
This morning, almost 48 hours since the injections, both knees are about back to normal.
I can't yet see any improvement in the knees.  But I have one more round of injections to go.
Apparently, it could be a week after the final shots before I know if this treatment is successful.
All I can say is:  it bloody well better be!

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Anonymous said...

I have mine done every 6-9 months it is painless and works great. hang in there it will get better.