Thursday, May 3, 2012

I love my physiotherapist

My pain management physiotherapist is THE BEST!
Really she is.
First, she was delighted to see me again -- this was my first visit since my hip replacement surgery.  I don't know which of us was more pleased that I was there.  Even the receptionist was glad to see me.  It's nice to know that you're liked by your health care team!
After a cursory check-over which served as a reassessment, we got down to business.
She was quite impressed with my progress at this, the three month mark since the surgery.  And she was mightily impressed with the incision too.  Said the doctor did very nice work indeed!
We discussed the problem I've been having with my SI joint.  She checked various aspects of my anatomy and ruled out other possible causes for the pain.
She gave me some exercises to do.  The exercises are specifically designed to strengthen the muscles post-operation, but one in particular (what she calls the "soldier exercise") will help with the SI joint.  She explained that often, SI joint pain is actually caused by a weakness of the muscles around the joint (although it truly feels like the pain is emanating directly from the bone!).  She said that I could call the exercise into play any time the pain started and it would help to release the joint.
After the acupuncture session, which we only altered ever so slightly, she gave me an  ultrasound treatment on the SI region.   
She opted not to tape me this week because I was seeing the surgeon the following morning.  She didn't want me to be taped up, just in case he examined me (he didn't).
I left there feeling remarkably limber.
The next morning I saw the surgeon and he declared everything to be in order.  He asked me a few questions and he answered my questions (no, my new hip is not metal on metal -- it is a titanium rod with a plastic socket).  I discussed the issue of bursitis with him and he explained that he didn't excise the bursa but he did incise through it, which should put an end to bursitis.  He agreed with my physiotherapist that once the SI joint issue is resolved, in all likelihood, so too would the bursa issue resolve itself.  Here's hoping they're right.  I'm to see him again in three months.
As the day progressed yesterday, and my SI joint got increasingly troublesome, I tested my physiotherapist's advice.
I did her "soldier" exercise.
It worked.
And it has continued working.
I can do it lying down.
Very easy solution to the pain.
It sure beats taking a painkiller (which doesn't really work anyway).
And it's strengthening my muscles at the same time!
Like I said, I love my physiotherapist!

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