Sunday, May 6, 2012

They were right ...

My hip rehab physiotherapist.
My pain management physiotherapist.
My family doctor.
My surgeon.
They were all right.
As my muscles get stronger, my SI joint pain will decrease.
I am now able to walk up the stairs like a big girl, with little effort.
And now, I've added a new milestone:  I can walk DOWN the stairs like a big girl, albeit with great caution.
That means that my muscles are much stronger than they were even a week ago.
I'm sure it's no coincidence that as these milestones are met, the pain in my SI joint is decreasing.
It's still there, mind you.
Just not as constant.
And not as severe.
Of course, I'm doing that "soldier" exercise very frequently.
That too has obviously helped to strengthen my muscles.
But I only learned about the exercise last Tuesday.
Amazing what a difference new therapy can make.
Have I mentioned that I love my physiotherapist?

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