Monday, May 7, 2012

I was wrong

Man, did I have it wrong yesterday!
Not about the effectiveness of the treatments I've been having.
But about the state of my well-being yesterday.
After posting yesterday's blog, I went about the rest of my day.
Or thought I would.
I sat down to read the morning newspaper, and before long the old niggling pain was there.
So I called into play the new "soldier" exercise.
Not good enough this time!
Got out the TENs machine.
OK, for a while.
But as the day progressed, the pain simply increased.
My energy level went downhill and I just felt miserable.
By the time John got home from his day at the gun club, I was a mess.
Profuse sweating.
Serious nausea.
What the hell was going on?
Supper was a write-off.
Early to bed for me. (OK, earlier than usual for me).
I woke at about 11:00pm and realized that I was feeling better than I had.
I woke again around the 5:00am mark and was aware that I felt much better -- like a human again.
Today, I'm taking it very easy.  And I must admit, I do feel like I need to approach the day with caution.  But there's almost no pain.  So that's good.
I honestly don't know what happened yesterday.
The only thing I can put it down to was that I had done too much the day before.
I had been taking care of things around the house (laundry -- lots of it!) which required up and down stairs.  And now that I can do stairs like a big girl, unless I'm carrying something, I don't use the stair lift.
Oooops.  Guess I'd better keep those stair climbs to a minimum until I'm stronger.
It's amazing how the body will stop you cold -- when your brain fails to remind you of your limits.

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