Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eight minutes ...

I'm up to eight minutes on the stationary bicycle now.
I almost exceeded that time, simply because I forgot to watch the timer.  I'm quite sure I could easily do fifteen minutes but my physiotherapist has warned me not to overdo it too quickly.
We know what happens to me if I don't heed her sage advice.  So I will be a good girl and do as I'm told.  I mean, really, why use her services if I'm just going to ignore what she tells me?  She hasn't steered me wrong yet.
At this time last year ago, I was only doing eight minutes a day on the stationary bicycle.
By June 12th, I was up to fifteen minutes a day.
On August 12th, I went to 20 minutes a day.
By August 27th, I was biking for 30 minutes a day.
On October 31st, I upped it to 45 minutes a day.
And on November 17th, I started doing 60 minutes a day.
I was still doing that 60 minutes every day up to and including the morning of 29 January, 2012.  (My surgery was the morning of 30 January 2012.)
That biking schedule was maintained while I had agonizing pain in my left hip.  But the fact that I did the biking helped me tremendously through rehabilitation following the surgery.
I no longer have the pain that I had last year.
Seems to me I should be able to build up to 60 minutes a day much faster this time.  As long as my right hip allows it.
It's important to me to get back to the biking because I want to build up those muscles again.  I want to be ready when it's time to go through the surgery for my right hip.

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