Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Definitely Better

My physiotherapist is very pleased with the improvement in my SI joint.
How does she know it has improved?
She has to press a lot harder before I jump in pain!  That's her indicator.
Previously, she only barely pressed and I couldn't bare it.
Now, she really has to put pressure to find the sore spots.
We are so making progress.
She was delighted to learn that the treatment with the TENs machine on the acupuncture needles was so successful last week.  We did the same thing yesterday.  She said she would probably do one more next week and that would be all I would need.  Then we'll be back to the "same old" treatments.  But she was really pleased to hear how beneficial it was for me.  She'll now be more comfortable in offering it to more patients.  (I guess I'm her guinea pig!)
I'm allowed to increase my time on the stationary bicycle by three-minute intervals, but not too quickly.  Perhaps every five days or so.  "There's no rush," she says.  "You have lots of time."
So she thinks!  I've been off the bike for almost four months now -- I'm anxious to get back to it!

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