Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm up to TEN minutes!

Yes I am.  Ten minutes a day on the stationary bicycle and no ill effects.
I'm on my way now!
I must admit, though, I didn't do the bike or any of my exercises yesterday.
We went for a drive to Merrickville on Saturday, just to poke around and pretend that we were tourists.  It was a pleasant outing, and a nice diversion for both of us.  I drove there; we walked for about an hour then stopped to have dinner at an outdoor spot.  Then I drove back.  It was such a delight to discover that I could endure such an outing and not be in dire pain for having done so.  Although I didn't sleep well that night.
The price I paid for having gone on that outing was I woke up Sunday morning feeling like those damned Mack trucks had visited during the night.  So I had planned to veg for the day.
But I had some unfinished business to take care of vis-a-vis a genealogy puzzle that had cropped up a couple of weeks ago and I decided to address it and get that off my worry wheel.  In doing so, I kind of got side-tracked into trying to trace a 3rd great granduncle who had been transported to Australia back in 1843 for stealing  seven tame pigeons.
Can you believe it?  Sent to Australia for seven years for such a minor infraction!  Different times.
Anyway, I knew that he had been married before he was transported and that his wife had subsequently remarried (twice).  And I knew that he had died in Australia in 1898 (I have his death certificate).  But it was great fun locating the Criminal Registers of Australia and finding a detailed physical description of the man.  The file also referenced the fact that he had a wife named Sarah, one brother named John (my direct ancestor), and three sisters -- Jane, Elizabeth and Hannah.  It's always nice to find information that verifies the details in my file.
What I was really looking for though, was evidence of other Cherryholme progeny in Australia. The 1954 Electoral List contains the name Thomas Cherryholme, plumber.  His name continues to appear through to the 1980 Electoral List.  (There is also a couple, Frank and Iris, whose names appear on the Electoral Lists from 1958 through 1980.  But I have correspondence on file from Iris -- they had emigrated to Australia in 1954.  Frank had eventually returned to England and died there.  Iris remained in Australia.)
If there was a Thomas in 1954, and my 3rd great granduncle (also named Thomas) had died in 1898, obviously there must have been (and could still be) other persons of that surname running around the countryside.   There must have been births, marriages and deaths of these people.  But I can't find any reference to the name in Australia, other than the said criminal register and Electoral Lists. 
A new genealogical challenge for me to pursue!
Suffice to say, I got lost in the search and before I knew it, it was time for the ball game, and then it was supper time.
So I never did get in those exercises or the bike. But I've done both today and will continue to do so on a daily basis.
The most interesting phenomenon of all though is -- my SI joint is not hurting any more.  Maybe, just maybe, it's actually fixed!

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