Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh dear, I did it again!

Yesterday, I had a long, demanding day in the city.
It was my normally-scheduled day for physio so I was going into the city in any event.
When my former boss man contacted me to say that he would be in town, it was a no-brainer that we should do lunch.
But over the week-end, it became apparent that one of my hearing aids was not working.
Since I was going into the city, I would stop in at my audiologist and have the device checked.
Into the city we went yesterday, leaving home at 10:00am.
We arrived at the audiologist's office at 10:45am and she was expecting me (I had called the day before).  She cleaned the unit and checked it out quickly, but if I could come back at the end of the day, she could check it more thoroughly (I have to be there for some of the tests).  If it had to be sent out for repair, we could make that decision then.
Off to my 11:00am physiotherapy session.  My therapist has just come off a four-day seminar of workshops and lectures discussing why acupuncture is so beneficial to fibromyalgia patients.  She said it was a fascinating series of talks.  And she was delighted to hear that the soldier exercise is working so well for me.
We had a delightful lunch with my former boss man.  Hadn't seen him since last December so it was good to catch up with him again.
Then it was back to the audiologist's office to deal with my hearing aid.  Again, she was waiting for me.  She conducted a number of tests and ascertained that it appeared to be working fine.  It just didn't produce sufficient sound for me to hear properly.
Perhaps my hearing has declined?  Both my husband and my daughter have been getting really annoyed with me lately for the frequency with which I am asking them to repeat what they say.  
My audiologist shares office space with my ENT doctor so they asked him to have a look at my ears.  My normal visit with him to have my ears "vacuumed" was scheduled for May 22nd -- perhaps that is the issue.  He agreed to see me and determined that there was very little wax build-up this time.  Certainly nothing he could see that would cause the problem.  He instructed the audiologist to re-test my hearing, just in case it has declined significantly in the past six months.  And he wants it done within the week.  We managed to find a slot for next Tuesday morning.
All this to say that we didn't get home until close to 5:30pm.
Making for much too long a day for me.  And frankly, I don't know what I could have done to change it.
I needed the physio session.
I had to take care of the hearing aid issue.
As it turns out, lunch was a bonus between appointments.
And today?
I'm toast!  Totally depleted.
So I'm having an enforced day of R&R.
My body won't let me do anything else.
* Sigh *

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