Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tremendous progress

Have I mentioned that I love my physiotherapist?
Well, I do.  She is absolutely amazing.
I've only had two sessions with her, and my SI joint issue is all but solved.
The problem is not completely gone yet, but it is well and above better than it was two weeks ago.
The soldier exercise has made a tremendous difference to my daily well-being.
The biggest benefit, though, has come from the acupuncture sessions -- something that the hip rehab physiotherapist had suggested might do the best good.  She was right of course.
At this week's session, instead of giving me ultrasound, my physiotherapist suggested hooking up the TENs machine to the acupuncture needles at the SI points.  I'm always ready to try new therapies that she suggests because thus far, she's never steered me wrong.
She was right again.  Driving is usually when the joint flares up the most.  But after that treatment, I drove home in total and complete comfort!
And I slept through the night for the first time in a long time.
This morning, it was 7:20am before I got up for the day -- record late for me.  John was beginning to wonder if I was alive!  It's kind of nice to finally be able to sleep something akin to a normal schedule.
Don't get me wrong.
I still have to do my part to keep myself healthy.
Each morning, I start my day with my exercise regime, doing all of my required stretches before I even have breakfast.  It makes a huge difference to my comfort level for the rest of the day.
Of course, I also have my weekly massage therapy sessions.  That's today -- I loooooove Thursdays!
And I'm allowed to start on the stationary bicycle again -- three minutes tops.  One can't rush these things.  I'll be able to increase the time gradually if I don't have a flare-up.
Yesterday, I did the three minutes with ease.  No ill effects thus far.
I will again do three minutes today and see what happens.
All in all, it looks like I've finally turned the corner on my hip replacement recovery and maybe, just maybe, I'm turning into a "normal" person.
It's only been, like --- eleven years!

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