Monday, May 14, 2012

Silver lining

I'm heading into the big city again today.
Overnighting at my little chickadee's place so I'll be in the city for a 9:00am medical appointment tomorrow morning.
Every cloud has a silver lining and I'd say this particular medical appointment brought a huge silver lining with it.
My little chickadee gets a drive home from work with her Mom.
I get to hang out with my striking young man for dinner while his Mom donates blood (we'll go some place cool, to be sure).
Tomorrow morning, my striking young man and I will do our breakfast routine before he goes to school.
Then I'll head off to have my hearing tested.  I'm sure we'll find there's been no change and whatever was going on with my hearing aid two weeks ago will remain a mystery.
I should finish there at around 10:00am and I'll have to hang around in the city until my 1:00pm physio appointment.
In between, I'll visit my boys at the computer shop for a while and then I'll have lunch with my favourite sister-in-law.  I don't get to see her nearly often enough so that will definitely be a bonus.
And while I'm away from home for about 24 hours, John will get more varathaning done so that the shelving can be built for our cookbooks.  It's only been a project two years in the making!
Silver lining all around, I'd say.

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