Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here comes the pain ...

Here it comes again.
The leg cramps, that is.
I noticed on Sunday that they were returning.
And by yesterday I couldn't ignore them.
Certainly, by this morning, I can't pretend they're not back.
I mentioned to John yesterday that it seems just since I'm on that new sleeping med, the cramps have increased again.
Is there no winning in this game?
Why is it that every little change to my physiology exacerbates these damned cramps?
Now today, I'm back to a level where standing causes extreme pain again.
Yesterday, while watching my boys play ball (and we beat dem damn Yanks, by the way), my toes were curling as though they were trying to give birth again.
I just don't get it!
Again last night, I woke repeatedly, in spite of having taken the sleep med.
And again, I couldn't stay up because I was too groggy -- I had to stay in bed and simply endure the discomfort of not being able to lie on either side for the pain, but not being able to get up for the effects of the drug.
But this time, added into the mix -- just for variation you realize --  I had the pleasure of having to endure repeated leg spasms.
Finally, by 5:00am I felt it was safe enough to crawl out of bed and start my day (time will tell if I made the right decision).
I've already had quite a productive morning, but had to stop because of the leg pain.
Wonder how far I'll get on this morning's planned walk with odds like this?

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