Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts

It's been rather busy around here the past couple of days.
You see, we had a "wood gathering bee" yesterday.
And in preparation for said bee, Friday was spent grocery shopping and cooking and baking.
First, we went for our flu shots on Friday morning before hitting the grocery store.  When we returned from there, I had to bake two pies (one apple, one blueberry). Once that was done, I had to prepare two lasagna dishes (one with yucky green stuff, one without).  Then I had to clean up from that preparation.
By the time all that had happened, it was drinky poo time.  And oh what a glorious day it was for drinks on the deck.  On the 26th of October no less!  That was followed by dinner, followed by an early bedtime.  My day was done (read:  no time to blog).
Yesterday, I didn't even have time to finish reading my morning newspaper before the first car arrived (my two step-sons) to start the wood hauling.  They and John got to work right away.  About an hour later the next car arrived (my little chickadee, Pauple, and my striking young man).  Pauple joined the men on the wood detail.
My striking young man wasn't feeling up to snuff but he managed the energy to help clean the deck and the patio of the mess of leaves that collect there.  Little chickadee and I moved the leaves from the edges and he pushed them off and away from the house.  He worked very hard.  (My muscles are still letting me know how hard I worked.)
At 1:30 pm, I prepared the Caesar Salad; the lasagna was almost ready to come out of the oven.  We had a wood shed full of wood and the boys were ready to eat.  And eat they did!
By 4:00 pm, everyone went home and the kitchen was returned to its normal state. (Of course, my little chickadee had helped with the clean-up before she left.)
Suffice to day, I was again tired to the bone, but not nearly as depleted as John.  I sent him to take a massage bath to ease his aching muscles, which he did.  He'll thank me later for that piece of advice.
So my faithful readers, please forgive me for not having posted while all this was going on.  I'm sure you'll understand that I had other, more pressing priorities.

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