Monday, October 15, 2012

My "Get up 'n go" ...

... has got up 'n gone!
For the past couple of days, I have just been "blah" in the energy department.
No explanation.
I've done pretty much nothing.
Which, of course, doesn't help because the less I do, the less I can do.
On Saturday, I managed to get in 30 minutes on the bicycle in spite of myself (forgot to do my stretches & exercises -- oops).
Yesterday, I did my stretches & exercises but couldn't get on that bike.  Just couldn't muster up the strength!
Today, I've already done my stretches & exercises (took everything I had!) and I will do the bike (I promise).
I have to.
My hands continue to be a major problem.  They ache terribly if I hold them lower than my waist.  That suggests swelling, although there is no visible evidence of swelling. (John says he can see the swelling.)  The redness is there though.  If I hold them up (like a surgeon entering the OR), I can feel the blood rushing downward and the relief of pain.  As soon as I lower them, the pain starts again.  Really, I can't walk around with my hands up in the air all the time!
Yesterday, my knees were giving me trouble again.  I moved in a certain way that caused my right knee to feel like it had come dislodged.  And the pain remained for the rest of the day.  I think the left knee was hurting in sympathy with the right.  Today, they feel almost OK.  I'm concerned that perhaps I didn't get the benefit from those Synvisc shots that I thought I had.  I guess my jury is still out.
Both hips are still an issue too, causing me to wake frequently to change position.  Obviously, my quality of sleep is way down.  I guess I need look no further for the "why" of my no energy.
I'm seeing my doctor for my physical on Thursday morning this week.  I booked extra time to discuss the matter of my osteoarthritis and the bursitis in my hips (and the frequency of mack trucks visiting me during the night).  I'm hoping she has some suggestions ...
Who knows, maybe there's something I haven't tried yet.


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C. Bonnie Fowler said...

OK James - I have joined your community (but I don't see where I can "post a link to my blog." I have however put a link to your community on my blog. Feel free to add mine to yours.