Monday, October 29, 2012

I did it. I did it!

I slept over seven hours straight last night!  Haven't done that since I don't when.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I came to consciousness this morning and looked at the clock. "5:45 am???? Can't be,"  I thought.  "This is my first wake-up."
Then it hit me.  "I've slept more than seven hours right through.  Unbelievable!"
The CPAP machine registered 7.8 hours but it takes me close to a half hour just to get to sleep, I'm sure.
I woke up on my back, suggesting that I slept the bulk of the night that way.  I go to sleep on my left side, and switch to my back after about two hours -- that's usually my first wake-up.  Switching to my right side some two hours later causes my next wake-up.  Then I usually wake again when I revert to my back some two hours after that, etc.  I know I can move to my back without waking up, but I cannot move to my side unless I'm awake.  So when I rolled to my back the first time, I must have stayed there.
That Tylenol Arthritis is obviously giving me systemic relief, something I'm sure the doctor will be pleased to hear on Thursday.
And of course, if I continue to enjoy the benefit of improved sleep, things can only look up from here.

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