Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My hair update

It's just over two months since I shaved my head in support of my step daughter-in-law's ordeal with chemo therapy to treat her recurring breast cancer.  (That's me on the left.)
My hair is growing "in leaps and bounds" as John says.  On his return from his recent five day hunting trip, he couldn't believe how much it had grown.
There still isn't enough hair to do anything with though.  It can't be styled.  It sort of just sits there.
But there is enough to give me "bed head" in the morning.  Now it has to be wet down and put in place.

And I found out yesterday that it is now long enough to bother me if I don't wash it.
You see, I have very oily hair and while it was really short, that wasn't an issue.  Well, it's become an issue again because I have just enough hair that the oils are very noticeable to me.  And I can't abide the feeling.  Yucko!
My hairdresser has advised me to wait until my December 18th appointment before she does anything with it.  She figures that by then, there should be enough hair for her to actually work with.  That will mark exactly four months to the day since my head was shaved.
I'll put more progress photos up at that point -- the before and after shots.

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