Friday, July 27, 2012

What's that you said?

So now I've got an ear infection again.
But this time it's in both ears.
The doctor doesn't know why I would be having this problem, although she suggested that it could be related to my hearing aids.
"But, I've been wearing hearing aids for lots of year," I said.  "Why now would I start getting infections?"
She couldn't explain it.
Two prescriptions this time:  one type of drop, two drops in each ear three times a day for seven days; another type of drop, two drops in each ear two times a day for seven days.
If that doesn't fix me up, nothing will.
This morning, I called my ENT to see if that office might be able to offer any hints for me.
She asked a series of questions, then spoke to the audiologist to see if she had any ideas but neither of them could think of anything that would explain it.
My routine appointment with my ENT has now been moved up from September to August.  She figured I should see him sooner rather than later to explain to him what's been happening.  Perhaps he'll have some suggestions.
But in the meantime, I'm not to wear my hearing aids while I'm using the drops.
So for the next seven days, I'm deaf.
I don't think my heart can take this much fun!

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