Monday, July 9, 2012

See how I heal ...

Today marks 23 weeks since my hip replacement surgery.
And, I'm told, my progress is ahead of schedule.
I have been able to get into my bathtub to enjoy the benefits of the jet massage for the past two weeks (thank heavens!).  My physiotherapist tells me that I should not have been able to do that until at least the six month mark.  Good on me!  There's nothing like a little desperation and motivation to spur on one's progress, I say.
As to stair climbing, I'm getting fairly good at that too.  I can, sometimes, walk up the stairs like a big girl without even holding onto a railing!  (As the day wears on and fatigue sets in, I have to resort to using my stair lift.)  I still need assistance going down though.  But I think the problem on the downward trek is coming more from my knees than my hip.  Gosh but they are giving me problems of late.
Anyway, here's a shot of my incision as it looks at this stage in the healing:
Not bad huh?  It really is coming along quite nicely.  I'm hardly even aware of it.  I am, however, still very aware of the muscle weakness around it and I continue to need strengthening exercises.  As of this morning, I'm up to 30 minutes on the bicycle.  That is one activity that will help tremendously to strengthen those muscles.

Wednesday will be 13 weeks since my Mohs surgery to remove the basal cell carcinoma from my nose. That scar is really healing remarkably well.  While I still notice it as a red, wrinkly blotch on my nose, others tell me that it is almost imperceptible.
When I see photos, I must say I have to agree that one would really have to look hard for evidence of surgery.  I guess I see it because I know it's there.

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