Friday, July 6, 2012

I think I must be home

I say I "think" I must be home because last night in my dreams, I was in Ottawa.
Yes, I waaaassss!
There was a problem however.
You see, I was on Parliament Hill.  Parked in the spot I used to park in when I worked there (I've been retired since January 2006).
It was Canada Day.
When I wanted to leave (to come home, you realize) I couldn't get past the many barriers to get to my car!
Needless to say, I woke up when I was attempting to climb through yet another stumbling block to my coming home.
BUT, when I woke, I didn't feel like I'd been run over by Mack trucks.
And today, I feel almost normal.
So I'm declaring myself to have arrived.
Twelve days after we arrived home from our ten day trip, I'm finally home.
It's been a loooooooong haul!  Ain't THAT an understatement.

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