Friday, July 13, 2012

Exciting news ...

Got a call from our very gracious host in Toronto today.
"Hello," said the caller, "is this Wolf Grove Bed & Breakfast?"
"Oooooooh," I responded, "what date are you needing your room?"  (My sanctuary is the guest room in our home and each guest considers it to be his/her room.)
Turns out he has a new "lady friend" (he's been keeping secrets from us) and her son lives near us.  She's visiting her son next weekend so Bob suggested that they make the trip together; she to visit her son, he to visit us.
Sounds like a plan to me.
Normally, we only see Bob twice in a calendar year.  He usually comes through once, and we go there once for our Blue Jays weekend.
This year, he has already been here once (for John's 80th birthday in April) and we've already been there once (for our Blue Jays / SW Ontario trip).
He will be here next weekend (and with luck, we'll get to meet the new woman in his life).  We'll be there again on August 10th for another Blue Jays weekend (when I'm sure we'll see the new woman in his life).
That will be four visits with him in the space of four months.
This year -- 2012 -- is turning out to be a not bad year!
And there will still be four months to go.  Who knows how many more visits we might manage before year end!

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