Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wow, what a difference a shot makes!

I think I'm in love with steroids!
I had the best sleep EVER last night.
And I slept on my left side.
All night long.
For four hours straight through!
Four hours, I tell you.
I went to bed just before 10:00pm (OK, I know I said I was going to hit the sack right after dinner last night, but things happened to delay me).
Read for awhile, and turned off the light at 10:15pm, positioned in my preferred sleeping arrangement, on my left side, and it didn't hurt!
I woke at 12:30am but not from pain -- I had to mop myself up because I was sweating profusely (a phenomenon that seems to occur most nights, at about the two hour mark after I've gone to sleep).
I was acutely aware of the fact that I was still on my left side -- without discomfort.
And I drifted back to sleep.  (Note:  I did not get up to pee!)
When I woke again, I was on my back (remember I've not been able to roll over without waking up to affect the repositioning for many years because of the pain in my hips).
But the last time I had looked at the clock was 12:45am and it was now 5:00am!
That means I slept continuously for just over four hours -- and I woke feeling quite rested.
More rested than I've felt in forever.
And my hips weren't sore.
And my legs weren't sore.
And my left ear, which has been plugged because of allergies for the past week, was open and working again (that had actually happened within an hour of getting the shot yesterday).
Steriods have a systemic effect on the body so I will gain allergic relief again as a result of having taken this shot.  Bonus!
Now I can't say how long I will have this pain-free benefit from this shot (last year, when the rheumatolist gave me injections in my bursa in both hips, I enjoyed a mere ten days' worth of relief).
The plan is, IF I get the desired results (three to six months relief -- it varies for everyone), I will take a shot at that interval to keep me pain free.  (The minimum interval for steroid injections is three months.)  But naturally, if it only lasts ten days, there is no point using steroids on me.
This will be the final test of steroids as a treatment plan for my disability.
I have no idea where we go next if this fails to give me long-term benefit.

Now I have to go because my little chickadee and my beautiful boy should be arriving on my doorstep any moment.  We're going to have brats on the bar-b-cue, potato salad, green salad, and just hang out together.
Just because we can.
Love them to pieces, I do!

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