Monday, June 21, 2010

I guess it's working ....

Not to be too quick to judge, but I guess that steroid shot is working.
For now.
I've had three good nights of sleep.
And two very comfortable days of activity since receiving the injection.
That's encouraging.
On Saturday, my little chickadee and my beautiful boy visited for the afternoon and I had no difficulty keeping up with him.  Of course, he's older now so our shenanigans aren't what they used to be.  But I do still try to bug him, and we do still wrestle a lot.  And I didn't pay any consequence for having done so.
We had a nice feed (brats, salads) before they headed home.
Yesterday being Fathers' Day, we went to my step-son's place for dinner.  And again, I was in no pain after enduring an hour's drive there, sitting around for several hours, and then the hour's drive back home.
That is quite a difference from what I would have had to endure under the same circumstances just a week ago.
So I have to attribute the difference to having had that injection.
Last night, it was 3:30am before I woke the first time.
Again I was on my back (obviously, I'm having no difficulty changing position, but it also suggests that my hip had been hurting).
John was already up and about.
Had been for an hour, he said.
Said my snoring woke him.
Said I sounded like a convoy of trucks roaring through town.
He didn't want to disturb me because he realized that if I was on my back, it probably meant that my hip had been hurting.  So he left me to continue snoring.
Since I was up, I put a load of laundry in the washing machine before I went back to bed.
Next time I woke it was 6:00am.
John was asleep on the sofa, having gone for the newspapers, read one of them and dozed off.
I started my coffee, went down and put a second load of laundry in the washing machine, then came upstairs and went back to bed to read my newspaper while I iced my hips (normal routine).
When John got up again, we started our day.
And I haven't felt this rested since I don't know when.
Let's hope this continues!

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