Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mack trucks are back ...

Woke this morning at 4:00am (and have been up since then!) in absolute agony.
My body felt like it was swollen to twice its size and had been run over by 20 mack trucks.
Has to be the humidity, which must be up to around 500% about now!
I put the usual ice packs on my hips whilst I read my morning newspaper and then got up slowly to join John for breakfast.
My shower helped me to work out a lot of the kinks and I was able to do most of my stretches (with pain, but I did them nevertheless).
We have a 9:00am appointment with John's dietitian this morning and she should be absolutely thrilled with his progress.  He has lost almost 25 pounds (and looks fabulous, I might add).  His blood sugar numbers aren't great but she will help him figure out how to improve them so he can, we hope, avoid going on medication.  He is within five pounds of the weight goal that he set for himself so she should be giving him a revised diet to follow. The one he's on now was designed to help him lose weight; he will need a maintenace diet once he reaches his goal.
This afternoon, I have a massage -- finally.  This will be my first in over a month.  Remember, my therapist refused to treat me for the month of May because of the way I responded to her light massages after that steroid injection.  So today, it will be interesting to see how bad my knots are.  She might have a quite a challenge in store!
Gotta run, tempus fugit!

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