Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holy Leg Cramps!

Last week when I saw my medic, we discussed my on-going problem with leg cramps.
They really are bothersome.
So he gave me a 30-day prescription for yet another med to try.
Should help with the leg cramps he says.
And will help me sleep.
I should stop using my other sleep aid, and use this instead.
So I filled the prescription and have been using it since Thursday of last week.
And WOW!  What a difference it has made to my sleeping.
I've never slept better or felt more rested since I don't know when.
In fact, on Saturday morning when my little chickadee called, she commented on how "chipper" I sounded.
I told her I could only attribute that to how rested I felt after two good nights sleep.
On Sunday, I went for a 20-minute walk with John.
On Monday, we went on a small grocery shopping errand; nothing too onerous.
And last night -- well, this morning, really -- I was wakened at 4:00am with a leg cramp to beat all leg cramps.  You would think I was eight months pregnant!
The cramp threw me out of bed in agony.
Woke John up in worry.
It was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
I did manage to go back to sleep but by 5:30am I was awake again because the cramping just wouldn't let up.
So by 6:00am, I was in the tub, trying to massage away the pain (oops, I'm inside that six-week window since my steroid injection; wonder what price I'll pay for having taken that bath!).
As I sit here, three hours later, my calves feel like cement blocks.
And I have to drive into the big city for my physio appointment -- that might be a good thing but I'm guessing she might have a little difficulty getting those needles into my calves today.
Following my physio, I have an appointment with my ENT specialist to see if he can offer any suggestions as to what we might do about the problem that persists with my left ear.  My canal is unnaturally narrow and since my allergies have flared up, it seems to keep collapsing (it's probably swollen) -- causing the sensation of talking into myself.  It's driving me crazy (not to mention the increased tinnitis)!
I enjoyed temporary relief as a result of the systemic benefit from the steroid injection, but that only lasted a short while.  An antihistimine seemed to have opened the canal for about a half hour!
Here's hoping the doctor can offer something a little more permanent (25 years ago, the suggestion was surgery -- sure hope by now there's other options).
If it's not one thing, it's another.

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