Thursday, August 1, 2013

This cursed hip

My physiotherapist has determined that it's time for me to see my surgeon and step up plans for replacement of my right hip.  What brings her to that conclusion, you might ask?
Well, I've been having increasing difficulty of late.
Especially sleeping.
I still go to sleep on my left side and thankfully, I can do that now with little to no pain.  But at some point I flip onto my back, presumably because I can't tolerate the pressure on my left hip. (You know -- that bursitis that I don't have?)
After being on my back for only a short while (those breathing issues you know!), I switch to my right side.  (I wake up for that change, simply because I can't yet make the move without almost sitting up.)
Then the fun starts!
I have no idea how long I actually stay on my right side.  But once the pain hits, it's excruciating.  No slow build up for me.  It's just right there.  Bang!
And the damned pain lingers -- for hours upon hours.
Driving too has become a problem again.  Since it's my right hip, I don't have to tell you how serious an issue that can be.  The movement of my foot from the gas to the brake sometimes causes intense pain in my groin.  (Pain on internal rotation -- indicative of the osteoarthritis.)
So, when I reported all this to my physiotherapist she encouraged me to contact my surgeon and get on the list for that next surgery.
Here we go again!

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