Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy day today

Today being Tuesday, it's into-the-big-city day for physiotherapy, a session I always enjoy.
John has to take me in today because my little chickadee has had my vehicle since last Thursday evening for their annual camping holiday.  She'll return it on Friday when she comes here for my birthday non-party.
After my physio session, we'll go to see my friends at the computer shop to pick up my birthday gift -- a webcam and headphones for my desktop computer.
Back in July I enjoyed a Skype call with my cousin who lives in Liverpool.  But I had to fire up the laptop to do it.  So I decided that it would be nice to be able to make or receive those calls from my computer and finally, after all these years, I identified a gift that John could get me for my birthday.  He was delighted, to say the least.
That first Skype call with my UK cousin was on July 1st so we could "toast" to Canada Day.  (It was also the day I resolved not to have any more wine until my birthday.)  We are planning to connect via Skype on my birthday and have a toast again -- my first glass of wine since July 1st!
I'm not sure who's more anxious for Friday to get here -- me or John.

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