Friday, August 2, 2013

One more week

Only a week to go until my birthday, and that coveted glass (bottle) of wine.   It's gonna taste soooooooooooooo good!
After a bit of a set back on the weight front, I'm back to within 5.8 pounds of my 'birthday' goal (but just 2.2 pounds of that tummy tuck doctor discussion goal).
I'll obviously not make the birthday goal.  But I guess the tummy tuck goal is still within range.
I have an August 15th appointment to see my doctor (she too is away on holidays right now) and I will discuss the hip surgery and the tummy tuck surgery with her then.
I'm guessing the tummy tuck will have to take a back seat to the hip.
Damn, maybe for my 65th birthday I'll treat myself to that tummy tuck.
What's another two years when I've already waited 30, right?

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