Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My awesome Sunday

Had a wonderful Sunday, this past weekend.
Got up early (OK, not quite as early as I should have, but ...) and drove into the big city to meet my little chickadee et al to accompany them to my striking young man's soccer 'festival' in outlying Kemptville.  (Not allowed to call these events tournaments any longer, but that's what they are!)
I stayed and watched the first of his three games, which his team 'won.'  (They also don't keep score, but everyone knows who wins.)
After the first game, we went to visit my sister (and best friend) and her husband who have a vacation trailer in the area.  If one wants to see them on a weekend or during their holidays any time from May to October, that is where they will be.
I hadn't been to see their site since some time before 2005 so it was nice to go and check out their digs again.  They really do have a lovely home away from home.
We spent a fabulous four hours visiting while the younger gang returned to the soccer field (and MSYM's team kicked butt for the other two games!).  Then they came back to get me for the return trip to their place, where I stayed overnight.  The following morning, MSYM and I had breakfast at our usual hang-out before going on about our respective days.

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