Thursday, August 15, 2013

Close as damnit!

That's what John says my weight loss progress is.
I am now down 19.8 pounds.  My little chickadee says I could call that 20 pounds.
But until my scale reads an actual 20 pound loss, and until the numbers relate to an actual 20 pound loss, it's only 19.8 pounds.
But "only" is quite satisfactory indeed.
This 19.8 pounds is since April 11th.
And it's 9.8 pounds since July 4th, when my "fat class" finished.
I'll take it.
Another 3.8 pounds and I will be down to what I was prior to my hip replacement surgery, following which I went up again.
I will be working very hard NOT to repeat that pattern.
It's almost time now to set my next weight loss goal -- another 20 pounds.  Wonder if I can do it, or if my body thinks this is my comfort zone?

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Bonnie said...

Keep up the good work! You're almost there!